Sedation Dentistry or Anesthesia?

Dental fear occurs in many individuals, and dental professionals have trained to help their patients remain calm during their appointments. They encourage relaxation techniques, but they also provide medication that can relieve dental anxiety.

Sedation dentistry focuses solely on relaxing nervous dental patients, but other medications help keep patients comfortable in the dentist’s chair as well. Pharr Road Dentistry, a dental practice in Buckhead, GA, elaborates on the differences between sedation and anesthesia in dental procedures.

sedation dentistry options in Buckhead Georgia

Local Anesthetic

A local anesthetic is a medication that a dentist delivers to a patient via injection to a specific nerve at the beginning of a dental procedure. This treatment blocks pain signals at this nerve site from reaching the brain.

The medication ensures that the patient endures no pain or discomfort during their dental procedure. It does not affect a patient’s awareness and wears off on its own within a few hours.

Sedation Dentistry Options

Nervous patients can find treatment specifically designed to help them relax with sedation dentistry. These medications can vary depending on the desired level of consciousness for the patient.

Our dental practice utilizes nitrous oxide, commonly known as laughing gas, to calm patients with dental fear during their visits. The medication is administered through a mask over the nose or mouth, which is breathed in by the patient.

Patients may experience mild, moderate, or deep sedation as per the patient’s preference and the dentist’s medical evaluation. The effects fade as soon as the mask is removed.

General Anesthesia

General anesthesia is an option that dentists reserve for individuals with severe anxiety or those requiring invasive procedures. This medication usually is delivered intravenously for patients during oral surgeries.

This medication allows a patient to be unconscious throughout their dental procedure with no awareness of their surroundings. They will regain consciousness not long after the medication is no longer administered. The patient may feel groggy for the rest of the day, so they will require a prior arrangement of a ride home from their dentist’s office.

Ask Your Dentist in Buckhead, GA About Sedation Treatments

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