Bleeding Gums Treatment Buckhead, GA

Gingivitis, or gum inflammation, can cause bleeding and swollen gums. Although gingivitis is an early stage of gum disease, it can quickly morph into more serious and damaging gum problems.

Dr. Keya Patel and Dr. Paul McDonald provide bleeding gums treatment in Buckhead, GA. They work with individual patients, thoroughly examining their teeth and gums to determine the right course of treatment. Bleeding gums and gum inflammation are common dental concerns that can become periodontitis, or gum disease if left untreated.

Bleeding gums treatment in Buckhead, Georgia at Pharr Road Dentistry

How to Prevent Gum Disease in Buckhead, GA

The best way to prevent gum disease is to schedule regular checkups at Pharr Road Dentistry. Visiting our office at least twice a year allows us to evaluate your smile for any signs of gum disease. During these routine visits, our dental hygienists provide dental cleanings which remove plaque and tartar, the main causes of periodontitis.

Bacteria feed on food particles build upon and around the teeth. They create digestives acids that eat away at the gums and tooth enamel. By keeping the teeth and gums healthy, patients can keep bacteria in check.

Treating Periodontitis at Pharr Road Dentistry

If gingivitis progresses into gum disease, we may recommend one or more of our periodontal treatments. We provide Scaling and Root Planing, a common deep clean treatment that is painless. These treatments not only remove plaque from the gums but also help retain the tooth structure.

Dental lasers may also be used to remove infected gum tissue. Laser dentistry is a more comfortable alternative to traditional gum surgery that does not require drills or sutures. Gum grafting benefits patients with gum pockets who require healthy gum tissue. Taking gum tissue from another part of the mouth and placing it where it is needed rebuilds a stable foundation for teeth.

Call Pharr Road Dentistry’s Buckhead, GA dental office at 404.400.7883. If you would prefer, you may request an appointment with Dr. Patel or Dr. McDonald on our website. Please let our team know if you have questions about your care. We will be happy to help talk you through your options for treatment.