Dental Bridge Buckhead, GA

If you have multiple missing teeth, try dental bridge treatment. Dr. Keya Patel and Dr. Paul McDonald offer treatment with dental bridges in Buckhead, GA. Dental bridges are a restorative dental treatment that can be fixed or removable and supported by natural teeth or dental implants. They consist of a false tooth, or pontic, that is held in place by adjacent teeth or implants.

Fixed dental bridges are attached to natural teeth, while an implant replaces the lost tooth. If more teeth are missing, dental implants can also secure the bridge. Replacing missing teeth with a dental bridge helps to prevent problems like tooth decay, gum disease, and further tooth loss. Dental bridges also help to maintain a balanced bite and comfortably allow patients to eat the foods they love.

Dental Bridge Treatment in Buckhead, Georgia

Common Benefits of Dental Bridges

When you receive a dental bridge, you are getting multiple benefits to support the health of your teeth and gums. Dental bridges:

  • Maintain the facial structure
  • Do not require bone grafting
  • Are easy to maintain

If you are missing a row of teeth and want to restore the function and appearance of your smile, call our Buckhead, GA dental office. Dr. Patel or Dr. McDonald will help decide if a dental bridge is the right restorative option to meet your needs. They always keep each patient’s budget, goals, and dental history in mind when forming a custom treatment plan.

Dental Bridge Treatment at Pharr Road Dentistry

Dental bridge treatment only takes two or three appointments in our dental office. To begin treatment, we will prepare the natural teeth outside of the missing tooth’s gap for treatment. We remove a small portion of the enamel to ensure that the dental crowns adhere properly. We will take impressions of the teeth to create the dental bridge. These specifications are sent to a dental lab for fabrication.

Patients who require dental implants to support their dental bridge will receive surgical implant treatment. Although dental implants lengthen treatment time, they offer an array of benefits over removable bridges. Dental implants support the tooth structure because they replace teeth at the root.

Schedule a dental consultation today. Request an appointment with Dr. Patel or Dr. McDonald online. Call Pharr Road Dentistry at 404.400.7883.