TMJ Treatment Buckhead, GA

The temporomandibular joint connects the jawbone to the skull. When this joint is damaged, it can result in jaw pain and bite dysfunction. Pharr Road Dentistry provides TMJ treatment in Buckhead, GA. By treating signs of TMJ like tooth wear and facial pain, we are able to stop long-term damage to the teeth and gums.

Dr. Keya Patel and Dr. Paul McDonald provide restorative dental treatment for patients with TMJ. They examine the fit of the bite and points of tooth wear to find the best solution to harmful TMJ symptoms.

Treat TMJ Disorders in Buckhead, Georgia

Common Signs of TMJ Disorders

There are a variety of signs that patients have a TMJ disorder:

Please request a consultation with our dental team if you have one or more of these symptoms. We will create a custom treatment plan that addresses your specific symptoms.

Treating TMJ in Buckhead, GA

If you clench and grind your teeth as a result of TMJ, we can provide custom oral appliances. Usually worn during sleep, a custom mouthguard can prevent tooth wear and damage as well as alleviate jaw or facial pain. Oral appliances also stop the teeth from painfully grinding together.

Botox can actually be used to treat chronic headaches, bruxism, and facial pain caused by TMJ disorders. During treatment, Botox is injected into the head and neck muscles. Because Botox contains an active ingredient that relaxes the muscles, patients with painful symptoms can find relief.

Porcelain veneers or tooth bonding are cosmetic treatments that can benefit patients with tooth wear as a result of teeth clenching and grinding. For patients with severe tooth damage, we may recommend restorative dental crowns. Tooth crowns cover the entire tooth like a cap and blend in with the natural smile. They may also create a more balanced bite.

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