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Smile Workouts

Smile Workouts

Crafting the best heath & Wellness Routine for your Teeth

The Routine

Advancements in dental research call for tailored oral care routines to address specific concerns such as yellowing, aging, deterioration, and bacterial infections of teeth and gums. One size does not fit all, and the way you care for your oral health is no exception. It is important to personalize our routines, just as we do with other health regimens. The first step is identifying and understanding your needs. The next time you're at the dentist, take some time to ask questions about the health of your gums, enamel, and even your bite and TMJ. What are the likely problems you'll face in 1, 5, and 10 years? Based on this information you and your dental team can implement therapeutic or preventative measures to curate a routine that optimizes your unique smile.

The Coaches

Your oral health affects more than just your teeth. Quality, comprehensive care can not only affect how white or strong your teeth are but also systemic issues, like blood sugar control and cardiovascular health. The best dentists take into consideration your whole health and involve you in planning your treatment. They take the time to deliver a full snapshot of what they see and offer a platform to discuss your goals. You and your dentist are a team! Tackle your routine together.

The Commitments

Committing to pursue oral health in the same way you would fitness and wellness, empowers you to establish a strong partnership with a dental team that genuinely cares about your well-being, Prioritize long-term solutions and preventive care instead of short-term remedies. Dentists dedicated to delivering exceptional quality of care prioritize the adoption of advanced technology and ongoing education. Choose providers who are committed to providing you with the finest options available in the industry.

Think of it as a fitness Routine for your teeth

Promoting self-care is en vogue, and in the spotlight are tips for everything- morning routines, before-bed rituals, skincare regimens, hair care routines, and of course, a well-structured workout and healthy eating plan. But amidst all these protocols, have you ever wondered about self-care for your teeth? You might be nodding, thinking, ‘Oh, I have that covered. | brush my teeth in the morning and before bed, and | floss fairly often, especially before my dental check-ups’ What if | told you a smile workout routine is just as crucial and even simpler to follow?

A recent study from the University of South Australia confirmed that the simple act of moving your facial muscles to smile causes the release of chemicals in the brain that make you feel more positive emotions. These groundbreaking, scientific findings expound on the mind-body connection that health and wellness gurus preach. So that begs the question, what is a good smile workout? Well like any workout, there's a routine, there's coaches, and there's commitment, The main goal-boosting happiness and joyful living through smiling more simply because you love your smile.

Join me on the journey to creating a stellar smile workout,

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