Family Dentistry Buckhead, GA

Pharr Road Dentistry welcomes new patients of all ages to join our growing dental care family. We provide family dentistry services, meaning that every member of your family can receive their necessary dental care all under one roof. From restorative options to replace missing teeth to preventative general care to maintain growing smiles, we are prepared to offer you a wide range of treatment options to meet your needs at whatever stage in your dental health journey that you are in. Learn more about our family dentistry services below.

Dentist for all ages in buckhead, GA

Family Dentist in Buckhead, GA

Drs. Patel and McDonald are experienced general dentists in Buckhead, GA. They have undergone the training necessary to treat and assess patients of all ages. It’s important that you find a dentist’s office equipped to meet the needs of your smile. Additionally, it is always more convenient when the entire family can be seen by one dentist’s office. We understand that you want to minimize time spent in the dental chair or the waiting room. Our office will work with you to schedule similar appointment times for all of your family members so that you only have to make one trip to the dental office when possible.

How often should my family members see a dentist?

We recommend scheduling routine preventative dental care for you and your family members once every six months. This ensures that our doctors are able to keep a close eye on your growing or aging smiles and address small issues before they develop into major dental concerns. During preventative dental care appointments, you can expect a thorough cleaning, periodontal screening, and time with the doctor to discuss your dental health needs and goals.

What if my child won’t stay still in the dental chair?

We offer sedation dentistry solutions to help patients of all ages remain calm and comfortable in the dental chair. We also understand that younger children may be more curious or anxious while sitting in the dental chair. Sedation dentistry is a great solution for young children who struggle to stay still in the dental chair. We can incorporate sedation dentistry into most of our procedures to keep your child from wiggling around during necessary procedures.

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Our Buckhead dentist office provides comprehensive, patient-focused dental services for growing and aging smiles. Please schedule an appointment and join our growing dental care family.